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Welcome to World Auto Body Inc.

We present you a body shop which will cope with any auto body problem you
may have. Experienced staff, modern tools and effective techniques
allow us to perform auto body work on the highest level.

We are glad to see you in our Auto Body Shop!

Our body shop it is a place where restoring your vehicle is a main goal for us. Providing high quality repair auto body services we try to make everything possible for your car to have a long service life. No matter the size of problem, our professionals will get down to any business because your 100% satisfaction is very important for our company.

As you know auto body is the most expensive element in a vehicle that’s why an owner must examine its car from time to time to avoid serious problems with it. The sooner an owner detects a problem, the better result he can expect.

It is important to remember that even the smallest scratch can cause an occurrence of corrosion that makes a metal unprotected and within just a year a rust destroys integrity of metal element.

The main advantages of our Auto Body Shop are:

  • The best quality consumable materials which we use in our work for achievement a proper result;
  • Auto Body Shop staff consists of experienced and skilled professionals who know their business well;
  • Client oriented pricing policy. It is important for us when a client get exactly what he expected;
  • We are always timely and promise to make all kinds of work in the shortest possible terms for you not to wait your car for ages;
  • We work for long time perspective that’s why we will do everything to make your car serve you years and years;
  • We have a great work experience with different cars so that we know how to handle with your vehicle.

And one more. Remember how tender you care of your wife or girlfriend, you pay attention to every word and wish, the same thing happens with vehicle, you may attentively handle with your car, pay maximum attention to it and it will serve you many years.

If we still didn’t win your confidence visit us, we are sure that your words will be like, It’s great to have such an Auto body shop near me!