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Mechanical Works

Effectiveness of manual transmission repair depends on timeliness of consultation with expert. If you notice unwanted sound, difficulties in a transmission shift, oil leak you may inspect your manual transmission immediately.

Our service also provides auto transmission repair according to technologies of manufacturing plant, fast and using original spare parts. Thanks to great experience and skills of our technicians, we propose repair of different auto transmission types.

Fuel system is one of the most important parts of vehicle. Condition of fuel system influences on running characteristics of a vehicle, on fuel costs, maintenance works, spare parts replacement etc. So that the earlier you apply to technicians for help, the better result you can expect.

Engine it is so called “heart” of vehicle that’s why we need to pay much attention to this part. Maintenance of engines is one of the most laborious and important processes in auto body repair, so that we provide engine diagnostics, engine repair, oil change and many other important services for your engine to have a long service life.

Cooling system maintains the optimum temperature of all important parts of engine, because overheating of engine or gearbox leads to disastrous effects. If such trouble happened with you can always rely on us in this issue.

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