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Auto Body repair

World auto body repair mean a great number of complicated actions aimed to improve your vehicle. Sometimes a car owner doesn’t even wonder how many experts take part in auto body repair process. As a rule body repair begins with vehicle inspection and with auto body geometry checking.

 If body geometry of your vehicle is in good condition it means the car doesn’t lose its aerodynamic characteristics because failure of aerodynamic characteristics can lead to set of problems, for example vehicle stability losing, and as a result a risk for driver and passengers increases. Tightness of a vehicle losing leads to fast car interior pollution and early ageing of vehicle.  In case of wheel alignment camber breaking a risk of accident increases and tire wear also increases.

We can divide process of body repair into several steps: damage assessment, car washing, reinforcement works, restoration of body geometry, tin works, painting works, auto polishing works. If you’re sick and tired with a dull look of your vehicle, with scratches and dents, if you want your vehicle to regain chic and shine, we’ll help you to make everything right.

Experts of our service will perform works of any complexity. Auto body repair is our main area of specialization and our service is exactly what you need.

Restoring body geometry, abrasive polishing, tin works, light polishing, reinforcement works, protective polishing, auto painting, corrosion prevention treatment, local painting, motorcycle painting, paintless dent repair.