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Ignition system plays an important part in modern vehicles’ life. Ignition system leads to vehicle’s move. Accordingly if ignition doesn’t work properly it may be a cause of car’s unplanned location on parking or garage.

Smoothly running fuel system guarantees an impeccable work of vehicle. Defects in its work lead to excessive fuel consumption, fuel leak, power loss etc. These all tell about problems with fuel system.

Speaking about modern cars we can‘t be silent about electrical equipment. Headlights, ABS systems, climate controle, airconditioning, auto heating, window raisers, airbags answer for comfort and safety of vehicle, so that car owners should pay much attention to electrical equipment.

Defects in running gear may lead to serious malfunction, that’s why running gear may be inspected not even before long trip or during passing technical inspection but regularly every 8-10 years.

Engine it is a heart of vehicle and the most complicated part of a car. Defects in work of engine lead to loss of vehicle for undefined time frame. To avoid such unpleasant situation, vehicle owners should regularly pass an engine diagnostics that can detect the smallest malfunction in engine’s work.

Ignition system, fuel system, electrical equipment, running gear, engine.