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We present you a body shop which will cope with any auto body problem you
may have. Experienced staff, modern tools and effective techniques
allow us to perform auto body work on the highest level.

Auto Body Repair

Here our technicians work to restore your car to pre-accident conditions or just restore it to original form.

Mechanical Work

Manual/auto transmission, fuel system, engine, cooling system etc., we deal with all problems that concern mechanical work.

Express Services

Our express services can always make you to feel comfortable during your trip despite the time of day and weather.

Computer Diagnostics

Correct all defects that can lead to serious malfunction for your car to have a long service life and work impeccably.

Collision Repair

We accept and work with all insurance companies and handle the claim so you don’t have to.

Repair Of Plastic

Repairing plastic parts of your car not only to restore its functionality but also to make it look spotless.

In Massachusetts, cars have to endure heat, UV rays, environmental pollution, salty winters and other factors that can cause premature wear and tear.  A complete auto detail from World Auto Body will not only restore the appearance of your car, but will also help to preserve it from the elements, protecting your investment and its resale value. We customize our services to your needs, and will do our best to bring out the unique personality of your car.

If you’ve tried other detail shops and have yet to receive a reliable level of service, we invite you to visit World Auto Body. We believe that we should be known not just for our attention to detail, but for its enthusiasm, professionalism, and friendly customer service. We love cars, and we’d love to make you a regular World Auto Body customer. Who better to take care of the paint on your car then an auto body shop!!

Do keep in mind that if you work in town that you can drop off your car in the morning and hop on the T out front on Comm Ave. and pick it up when you get out of work.

Our Winning Strategy. Our shop uses an assembly line like Repair Process.

  1. 1 Station. We assess the visual damage on the vehicle. Gather all information that is needed for ordering parts or needed for manufacturer.
  2. 2 Station. Tear down, this is when damaged parts are removed to see the full extent of the damage. Most of the time there is additional damage. If vehicle has an insurance claim. At this time the insurance is called back out to see the hidden damages and a supplement is negotiated.
  3. 3 Station. Mechanical. Any suspension, engine, steering, electrical, parts are diagnosed and repaired if found damaged.
  4. 4 Station. Frame. At this time full frame or unibody vehicles go onto a frame machine for measuring. If frame measurements and alignment found to be out of manufacturer specification . Frame straightening procedures are done.
  5. 5 Station. Body Work. In this station this is where your dents and scratches are repaired and parts are replaced.
  6. 6 Station. Prep Stop. At this point in the repair process the car has just come out of Body Work and now sealer needs to be applied to the repaired surfaces. After drying the prep tech sands and smoothes the panels to the perfect smoothness so that the paint will adhere properly.
  7. 7 Station. Paint & Refinish. Finally the paint is going to be applied. But first there are many steps taken before any paint will sprayed on to the vehicle. Even though we have your paint code of the vehicle. The painter has to match what is on the vehicle perfectly. Your paint has gone through four extreme seasons in New England and isn’t exactly the same as the day it left the assembly line. The painter will make spray out cards and compare to them to your vehicle with our PPG Waterborne data base and make sure it’s a perfect match.
  8. 8 Station. Reassembly. Now that your parts and vehicle has received it’s new coat of paint. It has to be put back together. Lights, glass, moldings, mirrors, etc. That came off need to be put back on.
  9. 9 Station. Complete Detail – This is usually the customer’s favorite part. There isn’t a square inch that isn’t cleaned on your vehicle from your engine compartment, interior, exterior, trunk, tires and glass.
  10. 10 Station. Final Inspection. Now that all the work is done the vehicle goes through a vigorous inspection. We even check things that had nothing to do with the damage that led you to us.