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The first and primary function of a bumper is to protect a vehicle from mechanical damage and reduce mechanical shock, because a bumper is the first part that takes a hit in all road accidents. The second function is a body exterior element that emphasizes the beauty of your vehicle. If bumper doesn’t perform its functions well it is necessary to change or repair it. It is a good idea to change it but to repair it is cheaper, moreover if problem is insignificant. All drivers think about this problem in different ways, someone thinks that scratches aren’t big damage but someone thinks that exterior body view it is one of the most important parts in vehicle’s life. Anyway you decide what to do with your vehicle’s bumper.

As opposed to bumpers it is more difficult to service car interior, because it consists of plastic parts that can be scratched or damaged. In this case a foreman should try to repair plastic parts as accurately as possible. In our service you can expect such a good work. After repairing parts of your vehicle will look like new ones, and will perform its functions in full.

Modern technologies solve any problems with all parts of vehicle but it isn’t possible without professional foremen and in our service we can provide you with excellent service from real professionals.

Bumper repair, car interior repair and design.