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June 27, 2016

Diagnosis of electrical equipment

The modern car is equipped with a large number of simple and complex electrical equipment. It is not only lighting but also a system of ABS, climate control, ventilation and heating, interior lights and alarm system, windows and airbags. This and other electrical system plays an important role in shaping the comfort, is responsible for the coordinated work of important components and for the safety of the vehicle.

 To ensure flawless operation of the car will help routine diagnostics of electrical equipment, it is recommended to produce every 30 thousand kilometers. Service Company “Avtoholl” is equipped for this with all the necessary equipment, computer scanners and special tools. Diagnose electrical qualified specialists who have extensive experience working with a variety of car manufacturers.

 The main components of the electrical system

 The unit of electrical car is familiar to every driver. The main system components – battery, alternator and starter. It is they who are responsible for the launch of the system, its correct operation. They are all over the car reaches the wiring through which electricity is supplied to the lighting equipment, on-board computer, other nodes and systems.

 The unit of electrical car – this and support systems: fuses, relays, connectors pads. Despite their small size, they play an important role in affecting the proper operation and timely inclusion of many of the major units of the car. Diagnosis of the vehicle’s electrical company “Avtoholl” necessarily affect all components of the system. The company’s specialists will find all the mistakes and failures, ensuring the functionality of the electrical equipment.

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