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Diagnosis of electrical equipment

The modern car is equipped with a large number of simple and complex electrical equipment. It is not only lighting but also a system of ABS, climate control, ventilation and heating, interior lights and alarm system, windows and airbags. This and other electrical system plays an important role in shaping the comfort, is responsible for the coordinated work of important components and for the safety of the vehicle…


Repair car engine The engine is often called the “heart” of the car without this element of any, even the most precious creation of the automotive industry will turn into nothing more than a set of metal parts. It determines the maximum power of the engine speed, the prestige of the car and personal subjective sensations of driving. …

Car Painting

Body Painting car- this is the main part of the repair, which is responsible for the appearance. And look – it is first and foremost, what we see in cars. No wonder they say that meet on clothes. When choosing and buying a car the first thing you pay attention to his appearance. Body Painting – this is not the easiest part of the body repair and requires professional skills and master a perfect possession of the car painting technology…